Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Friday Links

I guess it’s Friday today? That’s what my calendar says anyway! In an alternate universe, my family is in Isla Mujeres, Mexico right now, enjoying the beach (pictured above), on our first international vacation in nearly eight years. In this universe, we’re on day 36 of quarantine, enjoying whatever small pleasures we can find/create (house-made… Read more

Taking a Break

I will be taking some time off during this very challenging time to home school my kids, spend lots (and lots and lots) of time with my family at home, and to rest and stay healthy. You can follow me on Instagram, and I will follow along with you here on the forums, though I… Read more

Happy Leap Day! February kind of flew by, right? I hope you all had a good one. What are you up to this weekend? Last night (Friday) Drew and I enjoyed a private dinner party at a restaurant that our friends won in an auction and invited us to, which was pretty cool. Now we’ve… Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you hate the day, I get it — it’s not for everyone, every year (or ever) — and it will be over soon. I like it a lot more now that I have kids – not that I didn’t like it before kids, but I get such a kick out of… Read more

Monday Links

Today, in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, school is out and though we are not spending the day in service to others (um, unless you count cooking and cleaning up after and entertaining my kids an act of service?), we are discussing King’s legacy and the civil rights movement with the kids. However you… Read more