Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Friday Links

And just like that, we’re deep in the holiday season. Everyone keeps saying it, but it’s true: With the smallest ever gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the season seems especially rushed this year. Fortunately, I started my shopping early and I’m just about done. Now it’s just a lot of donating/hemorrhaging of our bank account… Read more

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? While y’all are recovering from your turkey and pie hangovers and either avoiding or embracing the Black Friday sales, here are a few things from around the web that may interest you: How to Have Closer Friendships (and Why You Need Them) How to Stop the Internet From Ruining Your… Read more

This was one of the few weeks since Labor Day that my kids were in school five days in a row, and I have taken advantage of that by getting all my appointments in: therapy, dermatologist, dentist, haircut. I even got my first pedicure since August. If you follow my stories on the ‘gram then… Read more

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? I want to take the kids to a family-friendly performance by a Zimbabwe hip-hop band tomorrow and to family day at the Guggenheim on Sunday but they are already complaining about both things, so we’ll see. I got a migraine last weekend that knocked me… Read more

Happy weekend! This week was moderately better for me than last week (despite a crashed site that I had to deal with) so I’ll take it. And we don’t have any big plans for the weekend, which is kind of my favorite sort of weekend. I started reading Where the Crawdads Sing last night and… Read more