Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Guest Column

“The electricity of our ideas found its way out of our brains to connect in that kitchen and, purely platonically, we’d fallen in love.” The following essay on kindred friendship is a guest post written by Susie Petersiel Berg. I met Karen when she was designing the interior of my friend’s house in Washington, DC… Read more

The following essay is a guest post written by Emily Morris, whose previous guest essays can be read here, here, and here. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided we would get married next year right after our tenth anniversary. We have talked about weddings from time to time but never picked a… Read more

It’s Donation Drive time again! If you have ever considered donating, this is the time to do it (donate here; you can make a one-time donation or click the little box to make a recurring monthly donation). So far, we’ve raised $1010 — over 20% to the goal! Thank you so much. Your donations help… Read more

The following essay is by guest writer and former His Take contributor, my very good friend, Matthew Van Colton. It might be the worst lie I’ve ever told. I looked at my boyfriend Scott’s kind, searching face and said, “I don’t see myself in a relationship anymore.” My teary eyes blinked, channeling Les Miz Anne… Read more