Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m going to wrap up the week of posting now so I can enjoy some down time with Drew and Jackson and friends. Jackson and I are home alone today baking Christmas cookies and wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music. Tomorrow morning will be just the three of us (plus Miles… Read more

With just two weeks left until Christmas, it’s time to stock up on Stocking Stuffers if you haven’t yet. I love stocking stuffers — they might just be one of my favorite (material) aspects of the holidays. I love how the small, usually inexpensive items can delight and set a tone for the day ahead… Read more

The guys of DW shared some of their top gift ideas with us last week. Today I share a few of mine, plus some from fellow (female) DW readers, as well as a bunch of stocking-stuffer ideas, after the jump.     If he’s into photos and tech gadgets and immediate gratification: Fujifilm INSTAX 210… Read more

Christmas is 23 days away and Hanukkah starts two weeks from today, so let’s get on with this year’s Dear Wendy Holiday Gift Guides, shall we?  Since most of you reading this are probably women, shopping for other females may not prove as difficult as shopping for da men, but it’s always good to have… Read more

UPDATE 4: THE REGISTRY HAS BEEN FULFILLED! Thanks to everyone who made purchases! 77 books in total were bought for Ogo’s middle school kids in Baltimore. Happy holidays to them and to all of us! UPDATE 3: As of 8 am (wednesday) we have just 9 books left on the registry! Can you help reach… Read more