Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

If They Asked

The internet was abuzz on Friday with news of Tomkat’s breakup, and while it certainly was no surprise that the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes didn’t last — Cruise’s previous two marriages also ended in divorce — I’d be shocked if the world’s most famous Scientologist remains single for too long. Chances are… Read more

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but what better time to resurrect an old feature than “The Bachelor” finale, amiright? On last night’s final episode of this season’s “Bachelor,” Ben Flajnik, wine maker and all around dork, chose divisive model, Courtney Robertson, as his fiancée (over runner-up and “luckiest woman alive,”… Read more

Last night on the VMAs, Beyoncé announced that she and hubs, Jay-Z, are expectin’ a baby, which just goes to prove that Beyoncé and I have a ton in common: we’re both Virgos, we’re both married to 41-year-old hardcore Yankee fans, and we’re both knocked up! Why, we’re practically living identical lives. I’m not sure… Read more

It’s been awhile since I did an “If They Asked” column but if there was any story to resurrect the column, it’s this one: Tea Leoni and David Duchonvy have announced they’re splitting up (again). For the second time in three years, the couple has decided to spend some quality time apart, though they haven’t… Read more