Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

If They Asked

By now, Prince William and (Duchess?) Kate have tied the knot … in front of approximately 15 billion people, give or take. At the moment, they are enjoying a reception of highest quality and soon after, they’ll will ride off into the sunset for their happily ever, every moment of which will no doubt be… Read more

By now, whether you watched this past season of “The Bachelor” or actually did something productive with your Monday nights, you probably know that Brad, the earnest mush-mouth from Austin Texas, proposed to Emily, the sweet single mom from North Carolina, during the season finale this week. You may also be aware that directly after… Read more

Did you guys see “American Idol” last night? I didn’t, but when I heard the buzz this morning about Chris Medina, I found his audition clip on YouTube to see what everyone was talking about. Chris was there with his fiancée, Juliana, a woman he’d been with for eight years and engaged to for over… Read more

I’m introducing a new feature on today called “If They Asked.” The idea is that we discuss the advice we’d helpfully offer celebs and people of note if they asked for it. Like, if Gwyneth Paltrow were to ask us how she could improve her reputation and re-endear herself to the American public, we… Read more