Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Roe has been overturned. Women’s bodies are now more regulated than guns are. Our reproductive rights have been stripped, and even rapists’ victims, the daughters of incestuous fathers, mothers of unviable fetuses, and pregnant people whose pregnancies risk their lives will now be forced to give birth in half this country or come up with… Read more

What If…

While the enormity of what we all are collectively dealing with right now is still sinking in, I am trying to find bright spots through the challenges. This helped me a lot to reframe some of my fears and anxieties and maybe it will help you, too. While we are all understandably feeling fear and… Read more

An article in The Atlantic this week explores what it calls “a uniquely modern phenomenon”: how the boundary between being treated like part of your significant other’s family and being treated like an outsider has been made unclear in recent generations since sex, cohabitation, and parenting outside of marriage has become much more widely accepted… Read more