Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

It’s Personal

I’m reading a new book, “The Invisible Kingdom,” published just a few weeks ago and included on a list I saw recently of the “best books of 2022 so far.” I saw that it was about chronic illness, including long Covid, and put it on my holds list at the library. For many months –… Read more

The other evening the four of us were at the dinner table and it was Lunar New Year and we got to discussing Asia, and then specifically, China, and Jackson said to Drew, “You and Mom went to China once, right?” And Drew said, “Yeah…” and then took a second to calculate how long ago… Read more

A Turning Point

This week has felt like another turning point in the nightmare those of us in the United States are currently living through, and I wanted to check with everyone and see how you’re all doing. Amid the continued racial injustice (specifically, the pathetic ruling in the killing of Breonna Taylor), the continued devastation as a… Read more

Yesterday morning, early (around 3 am), I woke from a fitful sleep and started doomscrolling. Everything is awful, of course. The wildfires in California, another Black man shot by police in Wisconsin in broad daylight in front of his three kids, twin hurricanes headed to the Gulf Coast, the Trump-led war on democracy, and the… Read more

How You Feelin’?

January ends tomorrow after what might feel like months of it. Has it been an especially long one for you like I’ve heard others complain it has been for them? It’s actually been pretty, I don’t know, pleasant for me? As far as Januarys go, anyway. Climate change is awful and I worry about our… Read more