Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

It’s Personal

It’s been two weeks since my beloved cat Simone died, and today is the first day I haven’t cried. But it’s only 2 PM, so we’ll see. On the first morning after I put her down, I cried so hard I worried I might scare the kids. “When does this grief pass?” I asked Drew… Read More

Simone, 1999- 2018

This morning we had to say good-bye to our dear Simone, my companion of 19 years. I’ve written about her a lot on this site, most notably here. I was 22 when she showed up on my doorstep one summer evening back in 1999 in Springfield, Missouri. She was teeny tiny and fit right into… Read More

Yesterday was Drew’s 48th birthday, but maybe as exciting: it was Jackson’s half birthday and he is now 6-1/2. Parenting a 6-1/2-year-old is way different than parenting a 2-1/2-year-old, which might not come as a big surprise. There are little things about this age that I wasn’t expecting, not because they’re surprising but because, like… Read More

I first noticed it shortly after Joanie was born. As is typical of the postpartum period, my hair started falling out right when my baby turned four months old. I remembered it when Jackson was a baby, too, and the women in my new moms group all talked about this unpleasant side effect of new… Read More