Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

It’s Personal

Yesterday morning, early (around 3 am), I woke from a fitful sleep and started doomscrolling. Everything is awful, of course. The wildfires in California, another Black man shot by police in Wisconsin in broad daylight in front of his three kids, twin hurricanes headed to the Gulf Coast, the Trump-led war on democracy, and the… Read more

How You Feelin’?

January ends tomorrow after what might feel like months of it. Has it been an especially long one for you like I’ve heard others complain it has been for them? It’s actually been pretty, I don’t know, pleasant for me? As far as Januarys go, anyway. Climate change is awful and I worry about our… Read more

Happy New Year!

We made it to the new decade – happy 2020! How was your New Year’s Eve? I was/am still on the mend from some virus that Joanie and I passed back and forth all December. I got hit with it particularly hard on Christmas Eve and it basically knocked me out for a week. I… Read more

Today is Drew’s and my tenth wedding anniversary. I was going to write a listicle about the ten things we’ve learned about marriage or the ten best things about being married or ten tips for a better marriage or something like that, but I won’t. I did go so far as to ask Drew what… Read more