Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


It’s time again for Three-in-One, where I answer three letters in one column. This is like Shortcuts, but with fewer empty calories. My boyfriend and I have been dating for six years. We’ve broken up three times in that span, but after each breakup we got together again after thoroughly discussing why we split and… Read more

There’s an interesting discussion in the forums about money and relationships. Specifically, it’s about how to split expenses — especially expenses that arise from things like weddings — in a committed, live-in relationship. The LW writes: My boyfriend and I have lived together for a little less than two years. He’s (a mature) 25 and… Read more

My boyfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend basically lives at their house. She has all of her stuff there, grocery shops, does laundry and for a while was parking in their garage. She had brought home some recently purchased dresses and one of them happened to not fit her. I offered to try it on and immediately really… Read more