Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Good morning! Hope you all had a lovely/relaxing/fun holiday weekend. I’m still in Missouri for a couple more days visiting my parents/ swimming in the pool/ planting flowers on the deck/ eating burgers and drinking beer. As such, posting will be light this week. I have a moving guest essay coming up later today from… Read more

Happy New Year (‘s Eve, if you’re reading this before the 1st)! How is everyone celebrating? Drew, Jackson, and I flew to Missouri yesterday and are staying at my parents’ place until Monday. My sister, Allison, and her boyfriend, Gabe, are here also, so it’s a full house. Drew, Allison, Gabe and I went out… Read more

Today marks three years since Drew asked me to marry him. That’s us just after he popped the question and I said yes. He proposed in Central Park (where we were married a few months later) on a snowy, wintry Friday afternoon just after work. I met him at the entrance of the park which… Read more

Yesterday, The Frisky re-posted a fun little list I wrote last year called “20 Valentine’s Day Gifts it Would Suck to Receive,” which got me thinking: what about Valentine’s Day gifts it would be awesome to receive? Drew and I don’t typically exchange Valentine’s Day gifts (we’re one of those annoying couples who are like… Read more