Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


Yesterday’s column got me wondering about how everyone feels about Valentine’s Day, which is coming up two weeks from today. Do you love it, hate it, feel indifferent? Personally, it means pretty much nothing to me but a spike in traffic for a few days (lots and lots of people be Googlin’ relationship advice around… Read more

Did you know there are more breakups between New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day than during any other 6-week period of the year? It’s true. So, in honor of this heartbreaking stretch, I thought I’d post this little poll to compare breakup scenarios. [polldaddy poll=”9272428″]… Read more

There’s a newish trend among couples getting hitched to create “relationship agreements,” wherein they stipulate in writing before they tie the knot the compromises they’re asking of and willing to make for each other. A relationship agreement is different from a prenup in that it’s generally not legally enforced and it doesn’t involve assets. It’s… Read more

I’ve been getting a lot of letters recently about finances in relationships and how money is handled in general, so I thought it would make a great poll topic. If you’re currently in a relationship, or have been in one in the past, how do/did you deal with everything from the check at the end… Read more