Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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I have a bridesmaid/wedding guest etiquette question for you. I live in Australia, a country where most people living in the larger cities stay in these cities. It isn’t common for people to move interstate as there’s no need. I, however, was given a great opportunity to move, so I did. And I’m at the… Read more

It’s no secret that technology has exponentially changed the way people date, and an article published today on Elite Daily argues that because of the explosion in the ways people can make a match, it’s very important to make sure you do this one specific thing: “be honest about what you’re looking for in relationships… Read more

I’m a non-Christian and I broke up with my Christian boyfriend a few months ago. We dated for about six months. When we started out, all signs pointed to his being the kind of Christian who believes in God and Jesus but isn’t super devout in daily life. I’ve never seen him say grace before… Read more