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My sister sent me this link a few days ago (thanks, Allie!), which describes how Twitter users are using the hashtag #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words to share their hopes, dreams, and goals for their love life. Here are mine, currently, seven weeks after having our second baby: Get more sleep. Use Seamless less. Have dates again. Schedule a… Read more

New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. If you don’t find the info you need in this column, please visit the Dear Wendy archives or the forums (you can even start your own thread), do a search in the search bar, or submit a question for advice at wendy(AT)dearwendy.com. A question in… Read more

This morning’s column got me wondering about when people say “I love you” in relationships, and especially when they say it versus when they feel it. If I remember right, Drew and I said “I love you” after about eight months together, which seems like a long time to me, but we were long-distance and… Read more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFGgbT_VasI Last week I met up with my friend Sarah for some drinks at our old favorite watering hole (after back-to-back pregnancies — hers and then mine — we hadn’t met up there in a very long time). As we were finishing our first round (tequila shots followed by Rosé chasers; Sarah calls these “Cindy… Read more

In what’s arguably an effort to drum up some publicity, UK grocery chain, Asda, has launched its own online dating service, asdadating.com, which matches singles based on their food tastes and shopping habits. This begs the question: would you date someone who ate food you hate? And, perhaps more telling, can/do you judge people based… Read more