Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Quote of the Day

Last week, I came across a quote about relationships from Joni Mitchell (whose music I played all the time when I was pregnant with Joanie after we decided what we were going to name her and who remains Joanie’s favorite) that I thought was particularly poignant and totally insightful: “I recently read an article in… Read more

“In [a] survey, one in five men claimed to have fallen in love at first sight. Just over half were smitten after one meeting and nearly three-quarters had lost their hearts within three dates. In contrast, only one in ten women said they had experienced love at first sight. Most waited until at least the… Read more

In case some of you missed this comment from the LW of this morning’s column, “He Beat Me Up, But I Still Agreed to Marry Him,” I’m re-posting it here: Had an appointment with a Women’s Shelter. We are putting together a plan. […] All of your advise, support and encouragement has pushed me to… Read more

With all our talk of weddings in recent weeks, I thought you’d find the following quote interesting: “After adding up the cost of the dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts and more, WeddingChannel.com found that it costs about $1,695 to be a bridesmaid. The estimate was based on a 2010 Real Weddings study that surveyed… Read more

it’s a topic we’ve discussed a lot around here — when to say the “L” word in a relationship and who “should” be the first to say it. Well, a new study conducted by researchers at MIT discovered that men are the first to say “I love you” 61.5% of the time in relationships, and… Read more