Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


If you’re single and don’t want to be and you find yourself repeating the same dating cycles over and over, you may be sabotaging your love life. It’s easy — and comfortable — to embrace patterns and behaviors, wearing them like a cozy blanket around our shoulders in the cold, cold world of dating. But… Read more

Years ago, back when I was single, I was lamenting to some friends about the state of my love life when one of them asked what, exactly, I was looking for. I rattled off a fairly extensive list of all the traits — physical and otherwise — I was attracted to (tall, funny, big nose… Read more

Match.com recently announced that January is its peak month of activity, typically seeing “a 25 to 30 percent increase in new members registrations between Dec. 26 and Feb. 14, as well as an increase is site searches and communication between members. If you’re on the millions of people going online to find your next date… Read more

Today’s post comes from Sabrina Jackson who owns Free Dating Sites where she focuses on educating online singles about safe dating on the net. Social networks like Facebook have given us the opportunity to post photos of our weekend escapades, tell our former high school acquaintances what we ate for lunch and post inside jokes… Read more

Today’s guest post comes from Meredith Cox who lives and works in Shanghai, China. Before I tell you what an open relationship is, I’ll tell you what an open relationship isn’t: Open relationships aren’t cheating. Cheating is when you break your relationship rules against your partner’s knowledge and wishes — for most people this means… Read more