Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Saying “I love you” — the when, the how, and the “what’s taking so long?” of it — is one of the most asked about topics in letters I receive from readers. Ten years ago I wrote something that went viral about how women in heterosexual relationships shouldn’t say “I love you” first. I was… Read more

“Five Lies Our Culture Tells,” an opinion piece published in The Times earlier this week, is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. In it, Times contributor David Brooks argues that our culture has perpetuated what he believes are myths around what make us feel happiest and most fulfilled, like having… Read more

Drew and I had a little getaway (sans kids) over the weekend – which, maybe, shouldn’t be the first sentence following a headline about when you should have known it was over, but stay with me here. We had a great time in Hudson, NY, disconnecting from our responsibilities (i.e. those aforementioned kids we left… Read more

A reader sent me a link to this advice column, where the LW vents about her partner of 20 years going vegan. She says: “There are worse problems than a vegan partner, but I am not handling it well. I go through periods of avoiding eating and cooking with him. I don’t want to offend… Read more