Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Like many of you — not BitterGayMark though, who, apparently, doesn’t believe in love and romance and fairytales — I watched and loved the Royal Wedding this weekend. I didn’t watch it live but waited until that night after the kids went to sleep and I could get lost in the spectacle (and love and… Read More

No one gets married planning to get divorced one day, but it happens — to lots of us — and it’s good to know that, as horrible as divorce can be, there’s life and happiness on the other side. Below, nine women share some lessons they learned from their divorces and advice they have for… Read More

After a stressful couple of years in which I didn’t prioritize myself (my health, well-being, etc.), I vowed to make 2018 a year of good self-care (or at least, relaxing a bit more). So far, I’m pretty on track: On the medical front: I’ve started bimonthly acupuncture sessions to treat my alopecia and anxiety; I… Read More

A recent study from the Council of Contemporary Families (CCF), a nonprofit that studies family dynamics, examined a variety of different household tasks, including shopping, laundry, and housecleaning, and found that, for women in heterosexual relationships, one chore caused more stress and conflict in their relationship than any other household task. That task is… Washing… Read More

There was a terrible car accident yesterday less than a mile from where we live — the next neighborhood over — in which two young children were killed, including the daughter of a Tony award-winning Broadway actress who is pregnant and was also struck by the car and remains in stable but critical condition. “It… Read More