Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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A Turning Point

This week has felt like another turning point in the nightmare those of us in the United States are currently living through, and I wanted to check with everyone and see how you’re all doing. Amid the continued racial injustice (specifically, the pathetic ruling in the killing of Breonna Taylor), the continued devastation as a… Read more

Photographed by Franey Miller for Refinery29 A reader sent me a link to this essay,“The Dream Job Is Dead. Did It Ever Really Exist?,” and I thought it was worth getting a post of its own. The pandemic and resulting effect it has had on our economy and livelihoods has brought into sharp focus an… Read more

Today is my 44th birthday, so I’m extending the holiday weekend an extra day and saving the advice-giving for later in the week. In the meantime, I was wondering: Do you have favorite podcasts you like to listen to? Last weekend Drew took the kids to his brother’s in New Jersey to hang with their… Read more