Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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A couple weeks ago, I opened up my IG stories to quick advice questions anyone might have (saved to a highlight reel here). The most common question was: “How did you know if you wanted a second baby?” I gave a brief answer in my stories, but I thought I’d open the topic here, too… Read more

You may have heard that there was a big snowstorm in the Northeast over the weekend – I think our final tally here in Brooklyn was about 10 inches, but don’t quote me on that. We told the kids when they went to bed Friday night – oh, who am I kidding? Jackson hasn’t gone… Read more

Next month we’re (hopefully!) taking a family vacation to Grand Cayman. It will be our first trip out of the country in nearly ten years! Now that the kids are older and so much easier to travel with, we’re taking small steps towards bigger international trips we’ve been planning in the back of our minds… Read more