Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


  I’ll admit: my dorkiness is in full effect on this one, but don’t let that dissuade you from the drink itself. I made up the recipe and it’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself: For two Pomegranate Margaritas 3 shots tequila 2 shots fresh lime juice (reserve two slices of lime… Read more

Jimmy Kimmel’s at it again. After Halloween, he asked parents to tell their kids they ate all their candy and record their reactions. This time he’s got parents giving their kiddos terrible Christmas gifts. Their reactions, of course, are priceless (especially the very last one). Thanks to Addie Pray for passing this along… Read more

Good Luck Everyone: We’re Having A Baby from Andrew Condell on Vimeo. This is one of my favorite Drew videos, and not just because Simone makes a cameo or because Drew defers all future decision-making to me. It’s because I like the shirt he’s wearing. Just kidding… Read more