Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


A conversation over in the forums this week got me thinking about wedding traditions — specifically wedding traditions that seem outdated or don’t reflect modern lifestyles and values but still hang around (think: bridal showers; bouquet toss to the single ladies; dads giving away the brides). I’m also thinking about fairly new traditions – like… Read more

I’m getting married in April and I’m having a kid-free wedding. I have six sisters who all have children (ages 2-20) and have had no problem with me having a small wedding with no children to save some money. However, my fiancé’s sister, Julie, has suggested several times that she and her husband will be… Read more

In light of recent columns, I thought this column from way back in 2011 deserved a re-post. It was written by a guest contributor, Hannah Ehrig, a freelance journalist who was married a few weeks after this originally ran. After countless hours of wedding preparation consisting of watching Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding and Four Weddings… Read more