Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Hi! This has been a heavy week – how are you all feeling? I’ve been really sad: first about Elizabeth Warren’s Super Tuesday results and then about her suspending her campaign. I’ve supported and even been excited about other candidates in the past, but I’ve never felt as passionately for a candidate as I did… Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you hate the day, I get it — it’s not for everyone, every year (or ever) — and it will be over soon. I like it a lot more now that I have kids – not that I didn’t like it before kids, but I get such a kick out of… Read more

Friday Links

If Elizabeth Warren doesn’t win the presidency, she might want to consider becoming a relationship advice columnist (she’s good!): Elizabeth Warren Wants You To Ditch That Guy, Get A Dog, And Vote To Tax The Wealthy OMG, this is insane: The Internet’s Most Repulsive Men Are Throwing A ‘Make Women Great Again’ Convention And Oh… Read more

Happy first weekend of the decade. Do you have any plans? We’ll be taking down our Christmas tree and storing away the holiday stuff for the next 11 months, which I’m always almost as excited to do as taking them out again in early December. The rest of the weekend will probably be spent planning… Read more

Happy Winter Solstice! The kids had their last day of school for the year yesterday and we are officially in the holiday zone over here. Hanukkah starts tomorrow night, and of course Christmas is on Wednesday, and we’re looking forward to a week of related festivities. No travel for us this year – unless you… Read more