Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Hey-hey! Another week in the books. Today is the day the bonus unemployment expires through the CARES act, days after the eviction moratorium for millions and millions of Americans ended (with rent due tomorrow). In short: Things are about to get ugly. If you are gainfully employed and your income hasn’t been affected by the… Read more If you haven’t yet watched Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s speech yesterday in response to Rep. Yoho from Florida calling her a “fucking bitch” on the steps of the Capital, please do (the whole thing!). It is one of the most remarkable and important speeches I’ve heard in a long time. Have a good weekend, and… Read more

Big exciting things in my life this week: I got a haircut after 125 days, and so did Jackson (I cut Drew’s and Joanie’s hair, so they’re good). I also took Jackson to the beach – we went with friends who have a car; we all wore masks and drove with the windows down. Other… Read more

Earlier this week we had a deleted post in which a lot of you vented a bit about the stresses you’re all under these days. I don’t think there’s anyone among us who isn’t feeling at least a little bit anxious, and even though that particular post was up for less than 24 hours and… Read more

Happy weekend, everyone. The weather is gorgeous here in NYC and we’re looking forward to some family time on the deck, maybe some socially distant hang-outs in the open roads in our neighborhood (open for pedestrians, closed to traffic), and participating in a march later. Drew and I watched the new Judd Apatow/ Pete Davidson… Read more