Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy weekend, everyone! What are you all up to? I’m staying close to home today – a friend and her daughter might stop by this afternoon for a little bit, and tonight we have a sitter coming and Drew and I are meeting friends out for dinner and drinks. The husband is a federal employee… Read more

Happy Friday! This week I have done really only five things, at least three of which I am guessing at least half of you have also been doing: I started watching the R. Kelly documentary; I did a major Marie Kondo-style closet-purge (and I haven’t even watched her new show yet OR read her bestselling… Read more

Happy first weekend of 2019! I don’t know about you all, but I am glad the holidays are over and I’m actually looking forward to the winter and the year ahead. Every year my mom gives me a cat-themed wall calendar (here is this year’s) and I spent some time last week filling in important… Read more

Well, that’s it from me for 2018. I’ll be spending the next few days with family and friends and gearing up for what I hope will be a fantastic 2019. Thank you so much for spending some of your year here, whether you are a lurker, a prolific commenter, a daily reader, do a once-in-while… Read more

Happy winter solstice! Starting tomorrow, we’ll get a little more daylight every day for the next six months. I’m really excited about that. I’ll be taking a few days off for the holidays but will probably check in a little bit before the new year. I’m wishing you all a peaceful and joyous holiday season… Read more