Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Can you believe we’ve made it to Memorial Day weekend?! Do you have any plans? I’m going to Louisville, KY to see some friends and I’m very excited for both the reunion and visiting a city I’ve never been before. Any recs? Here are some links you might find interesting: The “Friends” reunion and the… Read more

Jan Buchczik for The Atlantic Hey, look at that – it’s the weekend again! And here in NYC it looks to be a beautiful one. Hope it’s nice wherever you are, too, and that you have a good one. Here are a few links that might interest you: “We all yearn for the end of… Read more

Happy Friday! Here are a few links that might interest you: I really felt this essay about re-entering society: The Return of My Garbage Self As vaccination continues to ramp up, and restrictions continue to drop, we will be freer to spend time with friends and family than we’ve been in more than a year… Read more

We made it through another long week – congrats! At least it stays lighter later, right? Hope everyone is hanging in there. Here are a few links you might find interesting: Not tonight, darling: how the world lost its libido – and how it can get it back From Kate, is this “great article on… Read more

It’s still cold in NYC, but the sun is shining and we’ve had enough warm days that the snow has melted and the garbage has been collected off the streets. (I don’t understand why garbage collectors don’t pick up the garbage where there’s any snow on the ground, but they don’t and it gets really… Read more