Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

This past week there’s been what has felt like a shift, at least here in Brooklyn, in the stages of grieving our old lives. Those of us who aren’t mourning lost loved ones seem to be moving from the acceptance stage of grieving our old normal into the next stage. We’re moving from survival mode… Read more

Today starts week nine of quarantine or whatever you want to call it. Is it really quarantine if I go out for a walk every day? Today I even went to the gardening shop and got some stuff to plant in our window boxes this weekend. I told Drew exactly what I want for Quarantine… Read more

Here’s what we’re discussing this week in the forums: I asked for a break had sex with someone else then told him about!! More than a friend, less than a girlfriend Trying to Concieve – Covid 19 concerns My sister is pregnant before me, why am I sad about it? How do I stay, How… Read more

I guess it’s Friday today? That’s what my calendar says anyway! In an alternate universe, my family is in Isla Mujeres, Mexico right now, enjoying the beach (pictured above), on our first international vacation in nearly eight years. In this universe, we’re on day 36 of quarantine, enjoying whatever small pleasures we can find/create (house-made… Read more

Hi! This has been a heavy week – how are you all feeling? I’ve been really sad: first about Elizabeth Warren’s Super Tuesday results and then about her suspending her campaign. I’ve supported and even been excited about other candidates in the past, but I’ve never felt as passionately for a candidate as I did… Read more