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Dear Wendy

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In past Women Discuss columns here on DW, we’ve discussed deciding not to have children, polyamory and open relationships, wedding advice, and how to express condolences. Today, we’re covering a topic close to my heart: being a woman in her forties. From physical changes to career developments to balancing the demands of caring for aging… Read more

Image by Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro Word on the street is that women of child-bearing age are opting out of having children more than any generation before them. (See this, this, this, this, and this if you don’t believe me.) I reached out to five women, most of whom are nearing the end of… Read more

We are in peak wedding-planning season, and I know from the forums and from my in-box that the anxiety around this special occasion in one’s life can be overwhelming. So many things to think about and keep track of! So many ways to unintentionally offend! So little time to actually enjoy the reason you’re in… Read more

Chances are you probably know someone in a polyamorous or open relationship. You may not be aware that you do, but you probably do. And chances are, unless you are the someone in a polyamorous or open relationship, you may not know as much as you think you do about how such a relationship works… Read more

Welcome to a new DW series called “Women Discuss,” in which women discuss topics relevant to being a woman in the world (like dating, marriage, motherhood, navigating careers, being a stepparent, coping with grief, heartache, all sorts of relationship and friendship issues, transitioning into middle age, caring for aging parents, embracing political activism, etc.*). Today… Read more