Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Work Life

I’ve been dating my coworker for about six months now. We’re not completely open about our relationship but everyone pretty much knows we’re together. When we started dating, he told me he hooked up with another female coworker of ours. I found out that he didn’t want anything serious with her and that it was… Read more

I’m a graduate student in the sciences who was asked to present my work at a conference last month. The nature of my research and that of my co-student, let’s call him “Twerp,” is somewhat similar, so the organizers asked us to combine abstracts to present together. Twerp is also a few months senior, and… Read more

I’m a gay man, and several months ago I was asked to interview this guy for a position at my work. As soon as I made eye contact with the candidate, I felt something for him. It wasn’t hard to remain professional during the interview though, and, since he was right for the job, we… Read more