Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Dear Wendy One-on-One

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.27.35 AMIf you follow the forums closely, you may have heard that I recently joined Wizpert, a new website that matches experts in various fields with advice-seekers. If you’re interested in chatting with me one-on-one (online not the phone) in real time, I’ll be making myself available several hours each week for FREE one-on-one talks and advice. You ask questions, I give answers. Whenever I’m available for chats, I’ll bump this thread in the forums to let you know.

Since I am partnering with Wizpert, I get a small commission on all new users who sign up through this link. You can sign up to talk to me, or talk to any of other experts on various topics that range from career, parenting, IT, budget and finance, gardening, nutrition, interview advice, and on and on. And as I said, it’s free for now, so sign up and try it out! You can click the button on my sidebar or follow this link.

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  • Addie Pray June 25, 2013, 1:53 pm

    I have a comment, but I’m not sure where it should go. I don’t want to threadjack a letter re: a baby daddy in jail and it just doesn’t seem significant enough to have its own forum topic, so I’ll say it here:

    I FUCKING LOVE UDON NOODLES. Last night I had a $25 Groupon that I had to use at a sushi restaurant so I had a ginger salad and a sweet potato roll and a vegetable roll…. and that added up to $14.50 only, so I ordered vegetable udon noodles to go ($10.50) – (1) I should get an award for getting the bill to add up to EXACTLY $25.00 (excluding tax and tip)- talk about maximizing my Groupon!; and (2) I just ate the udon noodles for lunch and holy baby jesus they are the better than cheese and better than wine! … Please no one tell me udon noodles are made from cheese or eggs or dairy. Or meat.

    That’s all.

    p.s. Wendy, I want to chat!

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    the_optimist June 25, 2013, 1:46 pm

    What a rad idea! I just signed up through the link 🙂

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