DW Holiday Book Drive Success!


I got an email this morning from Ogo, a DW reader and the teacher of the middle school students we sent books to this year for our 3rd annual DW Holiday Book Drive. All the books arrived and she passed them out to her four middle school classes today. She wrote: “My students and I feel so blessed to be gifted these new books right before Christmas. You have the most awesome readers.” The photo above is of her 7th grade homeroom class. The books are being handed out to four separate classes: 6th grade, 7th grade, and two 8th grade classes. Thanks, again, to everyone who contributed this year and helped brighten the season for some deserving students and their dedicated teacher!



  1. Hooray! I see my book!! Thanks so much for following up with this picture and thanks for the good work you are doing. This is a great idea and I hope Wendy keeps it going.

  2. Love this!!! Two wonderful pictures =)

  3. Avatar photo Moneypenny says:

    Those look like some very happy kids! Hooray!

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