Palate Cleanser: Miles, the Kitten

We need a palate cleanser after that last column, so here’s picture of Miles as a kitten. It’s blurry, I know, but it’s a favorite of mine. This was snapped the day I brought him home from the shelter where he’d been staying for a few weeks (Can you believe it took that long to adopt him out???). My understanding is that he had been hit by a car, someone found him and then brought him to the shelter where the vet performed minor surgery, amputating a couple of toes from his back foot that had been badly mangled. He has a slight limp these days, but other than that, no other complications from the accident.

And just look at that face! He makes my life so much sweeter; Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.

“Fun” fact: Simone’s tail was amputated when she was two, so both of my kitties are missing appendages.


  1. lets_be_honest says:

    Cute! Strange timing about the missing appendages. My stepdad lost his pointer finger and thumb Friday. And he’d already lost his other 3 on that hand when he was a young child.

  2. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

    Ok, ok, that is a pretty cute kitty cat.

    Back when I used to run, I always had black and blue toes and would inevitably lose a toe nail or two. That’s kind of the same, just different.

    1. I lost toenails a lot when I was in gymnastics and ballet. That stuff is hard on your feet. Once I became a distance runner, my toes were mostly fine so maybe I wasn’t doing it right?

      1. kerrycontrary says:

        I had the same problem with ballet, at least on pointe. It’s normal to loose them with pointe shoes, doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.

      2. I never lost a nail, but I HATED taking off the pointes and having the stockings drenched in blood.

    2. I lost so many toenails in my ballet days. I also just don’t have toenails on my pinky toes. When I paint my toenails I just paint where they would be, so it doesn’t look weird.

    3. Make sure your runners are a half size bigger than your normal shoes and that you keep your nails super short. That’s about the only thing you can do to preserve toe nails and even so you may lose them, just depends on your feet.

      Ugh I am halfway through training for my half marathon. No lost toenails yet but I have a giant blister on the bottom of my foot that I am both disgusted by and proud of at the same time.

  3. Moneypenny says:

    Aw! He’s such a cute kitten, it’s no wonder he grew up into such a handsome cat!
    Even better that you rescued him. My family’s cat was adopted, or rather, she adopted us. πŸ™‚

  4. Awwwww Kitty!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!

  5. This sounds messed up, but I love love love kitties with missing appendages. My friend’s roommate has a baby kitten without a tail, his name is Nubbers. He is absolutely heart-meltingly adorable.

    1. SweetPeaG says:

      Also, how cute are “polydactyls” (kitties with EXTRA toes)? I had a cat who had all kinds of extra toes. She always looked like her paws were too big for her body. Which of course, was adorable.

      1. I love those πŸ™‚ My dad had a kitten that had 2 extra toes on each of his back feet and 1 extra on each of its front feet. Too bad I wasn’t able to take him in when he had him. My dad lives in the middle of nowhere-ville and is known as someone who will take in animals and find them homes, so he gets lots of random animals dropped off.

      2. Yes, those are adorable, as well as toe tufts. My fluffy kitty has fur sticking out between her toes and I think it’s the cutest thing EVER.

      3. When I was a kid, I had a cat that was missing a paw. She just had a toe on that leg. We called it her peg leg and pretended she was a pirate kitty.

  6. Miles was such a cute little kitten. I adopted both of my dogs as adults and sometimes I look at them and wish I could have known them when they were babies.

  7. Aww, Miles is such a cutie, now and then πŸ™‚

  8. Kitties with unique/missing parts are so cute. Our kitty only has one eye, which you would think would be creepy, but it’s actually adorable. She’s so fluffy that you can’t really tell anyway πŸ™‚

  9. evanscr05 says:

    Our littlest cat, Brody, had an amputee moment when he was about 7 months old. Got his tail stuck in the door as my roommate shut it to take a shower. She noticed there were red speckles on the wall at kitty height. Didn’t know which of the three it was from. Realized it was the baby, even though he was acting completely normal, because his fur got ripped off the tip of his tail and his BONE was sticking out. So gross. Had to rush him to the vet and get the tip removed. He ended up having to wear a cone for a while, which I felt bad about, but also was super funny (like, he wouldn’t see us behind him and then when he’d realize we were there would jump a mile, or he’s accidentally run into the wall because he forgot he was wearing a clear cone at one point).

  10. i love kittens so much. i have been away from my two while i am in the process of moving to chicago right now, and it sucks so bad! i will be getting them back on saturday though…. aw i love kittens. all of them. i am that girl from that eharmony commercial…. seriously.

    1. Dude me too. I miss my cats SO MUCH when I’m away from them. My biological clock ticks for kittens. I know I can’t get any more (I have 3), but I’m trying to get my friends/family to get kittens for themselves, just so I can play with them.

      1. i’m not as sad then to admit that i miss my dogs when i’m at work and wish i could bring them with me or work less so i could spend more time with them at the park or the beach.

        also i’m going home today to try and rescue what i think is a drop off cat at our apt complex (which unfortunately happens on a regular basis :() and she’s going to live with my boss after a trip to the vet. how can people just drop their pets off? i get sad when people take them to a shelter but at least they are being taken care of. when you drop them off at an apt complex how do you think they will survive?

      2. Or out in the middle of nowhere… I’ve had relatives do that. I don’t know HOW they can do it, but it would break my heart.

      3. ah i know! my mom was going to foster some kittens a while back, and i was so excited!! but then she never did, and i was so sad about it. lol.

  11. Avatar photo Michelle.Lea says:

    i so want another kitty πŸ™

  12. Kari (Orca) says:

    I’m a kitty girl myself – have two – but my mom sent me this clip yesterday that had me going “Awwwww, I want them!” over and over all day!

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