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Dear Wendy

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Here are a few things from around the web that may interest you:

Political Divide Splits Relationships — and Thanksgiving, Too

Grandma accidentally invites stranger to Thanksgiving – and it gets better

Altruistic People Have More Sexual Partners

After the Election, Some Women Assert Themselves With Small Gestures

Women’s rights groups brace for Trump: ‘We are used to fighting impossible odds’

Planned Parenthood Has Already Received 46,000 Donations From ‘Mike Pence’

Thank you, everyone who voted for Trump.

“The First Amendment Defense Act is the nuclear version of the so-called “religious freedom” laws that have appeared across the country, most infamously in Mike Pence’s Indiana. The Republican House will surely pass it, the Senate will pass it unless it’s filibustered by Democrats, and President-elect Trump has promised to sign it.

If it becomes law, FADA will be the worst thing to happen to women and LGBT people in a generation.”

— The GOP’s Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on Steroids: The First Amendment Defense Act would allow hospitals, governments, universities, and businesses to ignore same-sex marriage, deny women health care, and fire gay people.

Why Did So Many White Women Vote for Donald Trump?

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    Portia November 18, 2016, 2:38 pm

    That FADA proposal is terrifying. I… Yeah, terrifying is the only word I can come up with.

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    • ktfran November 18, 2016, 3:26 pm

      Reading that article made me feel sick to my stomach. Is it really 1950 again?

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      • Kate November 18, 2016, 4:47 pm

        That’s what a lot of Trump voters want – for the US to be just like it was in the 1950s. Before civil rights. Before women’s liberation. They idolize that bogus decade, which was one – really weird and fake – moment in the history of our country, but they’ve somehow come to think defines America. I sort of get it… you want to be the big shot male breadwinner, who can provide for his family on a single income and afford a nice house and car, with your wife at home keeping everything tidy as she keeps herself sane on pills. Or you want to be that lady who stays home and takes care of that nice house and those perfect kids. You don’t want women and BLACK and BROWN and GAY people competing for those jobs so that you can no longer be the man. Get those people the fuck out of here so I can have my cushy job and picture perfect life. Sounds nice, right? Don’t make me see anything that’s a threat to that vision, like a single woman being happy on her own, or a gay couple making a mockery of your marriage. And round up any immigrants that might be in line to do my job for less. Put them in a camp. Put them on a boat. White male power!

      • RedRoverRedRover November 18, 2016, 5:21 pm

        Yeah, it’s idolized because it’s the last time white males called all the shots. It’s not just a coincidence. How fucked is that?

  • Ron November 18, 2016, 9:55 pm

    It’s also the period when we had just about the only factories in the world which hadn’t been bombed out and could sell manufactures as fast as we made them. Britain had rationing into the 1950s and they were on the winning side. Germany and Japan were rubble. The Soviet army had captured Eastern Europe, but they had lost over 26 million dead. The mainland U.S. was basically unharmed by the war and our economy soared. It was a very unnatural and not repeatable sustained boom. We are also the world’s largest economy with a high GDP per person today, conditions which, along with an aging population, are going to cause growth to be slower.

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