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Dear Wendy

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Here are a few things from around the web that may interest you:

What You See First In This Personality Test Reveals What Secretly Gives You Anxiety In Relationships

7 signs your relationship wouldn’t survive long distance

Yep, and there are no “weekends” or “vacations” (unless you are lucky enough to have someone you can leave your kids with for a few days): “Study: Motherhood is the same as having more than 2.5 full-time jobs”

Do You Subscribe to Traditional Gender Roles in Dating and Relationships?

This sounds sad: “In college relationships, ‘caring isn’t just absent, it’s off-script.’ Experts say students view romantic relationships as a distraction from preparing for their future careers.”

It’s official: Being in a Relationship Does Make You Fatter

10 Women Share How Their Relationships Changed After Having A Baby

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    JD March 23, 2018, 3:14 pm

    The gender roles in dating interested me. I think it is no surprise to anyone here that I most def do subscribe to traditional gender roles. I can think of many reasons for this, a lot being how I was raised in a traditional Italian-Catholic household as well as being attracted to very alpha men. My husband is for sure very alpha, also a Catholic household raised very similar to myself. He also was raised very well by loving women who taught him respect for everyone. I don’t think he “expects” certain things of me but likes things certain ways and prefers them. Just as I do with him. Heck I paid for our first date, which is out of the norm for me usually on a first date. I can see someone having more issues with those traditional roles for various reasons but one being if they experienced a man (I of course say this as a female perspective) become very controlling or using this “role” to take advantage, manipulate, etc. Luckily that has never been the case in any of my dating experiences.

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