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Dear Wendy

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Happy Friday (and happy Eid to those who celebrate)! First, thank you for your sweet comments about Miles – on this post, on Instagram, and Facebook. Every lovely word has brought some comfort and I appreciate it. I’m still really sad and missing him, but I’m grateful we had as many years together as we did and that he’s at peace now.

What are you all up to this weekend? The kids are off school today (Friday) for the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr, and I can’t tell you how fun it is to have another three-day weekend with them after just having them out of school for a week and a half for spring break. Just kidding – I’m pretty over it, and looking forward to ten almost full weeks of school before they’re out for the summer. (Yes, NYC public schools go until the very end of June! We start late – second week of September – and then have way more days off than average because we have such a diverse student body who celebrate an array of holidays.) Anyway, today we’re going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out the cherry blossoms ahead of the festival this weekend which is guaranteed to be packed. Tonight, I’m taking a friend to a pottery class as a birthday gift to her, which I’m excited about. I’ve never taken a pottery class before. And tomorrow, we’re watching a Nets playoff game at Barclays (right in our neighborhood!). The Nets have to win their next four playoffs games to advance, and Jackson tells me that has never happened in NBA history (I’m too lazy to confirm whether this is true—plus, I don’t really care), but it would still be fun and special if they win tomorrow’s game.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and here are some links that might be of interest:

As of this writing, no ruling has been made on the fate of abortion pills, though such a ruling is expected imminently. Here: Four ways it could go, and what it would mean.

More women now make as much as their husbands, but still do more at home

Social media has really affected how mothers feel about the way they mother (and it’s not great, as this essay, We Don’t Perform Motherhood for Our Kids, illustrates).

People Are Revealing The Adulthood “Myths” They Wish They Knew Sooner, And Wow, They Hit Hard

I’m in a TV drought lately, but of my favorite shows of the past year, which I featured here, debuts its second season this weekend – yay! What are you watching these days?

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  • ktfran April 21, 2023, 1:16 pm

    TV – it’s not a great show by any means and the acting is average, but the husband and I have been enjoying Night Agent on Netflix. The first few episodes are surprisingly suspenseful. If you’re into the suspense/action movies of the 90s, like, I dunno, Enemy of the State or Air Force One or something, you might enjoy this show. I think we have two more episodes to go.

    I want to check out Shrinking.

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    Copa April 21, 2023, 2:21 pm

    I’m curious to read the social media impact on motherhood article. I’m not a parent and try my best to support my parent friends — I think motherhood looks so hard! — but I’ll be honest, some of what I see moms post online feels like there’s a world of competitive parenting out there. Where I’ve had to mute some friends for over-sharenting, I don’t know that I’ve ever wondered the impact of those posts on other parents.

    I got sucked into Love Is Blind, though I’d not really recommend it. The couples that ‘make it’ on the show go on a trip, this season they went to Mexico. A friend texted a group chat that the resort they were at was the same one we all went to for our friend’s wedding a couple months ago, so most of us started watching and the group chat has been hilarious with everyone’s commentary.

    We watched Shrinking on Apple TV and liked it. We watched the first two seasons of Ted Lasso and loved it, but haven’t started the third season yet. I also watched an episode of Jury Duty on Prime and thought it was funny, though not sure if it will keep me for the full season.

    I start golf lessons this weekend!

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      Dear Wendy April 21, 2023, 3:02 pm

      We started watching Shrinking and found it really uneven. I love Harrison Ford and the character who’s best friends with Jason Segal’s characters late wife, and there are some very funny moments, but ultimately the storyline felt too convoluted and we gave up after a few episodes.

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  • Kate April 22, 2023, 5:56 am

    With those adult tips, we should be screaming from the rooftops the one about wearing sunscreen and the one about start investing now, even if just a few dollars a day.

    The one about energy too, I cannot believe the shit I used to get up to in my teens and 20s. Now I barely have the energy to get through a day’s remote work, and I get 7-8 hours sleep, fill my 40-oz Stanley dupe 3x, have 4 drinks a week, walk 10k+ steps a day, and do strength training.

    We have an intern who converted to part time contractor who’s now converting to full time employee . He’s been working while doing his senior year. I can’t even imagine. And now he’s going to get a month off before starting his new role, and he’s like, my mom knows someone who can get me a plane ticket to Europe cheap… and we’re all yelling, Go! Go now! Do it! Like, you’ll never again have this much time and energy, and you need to have this experience NOW! He grew up non-affluent too and has never been anywhere. If he doesn’t go to Europe or Asia or wherever, it’ll be so upsetting.

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      Copa April 22, 2023, 3:36 pm

      My preferred gym time in my 20s was at 9pm. I’m getting ready for bed at 9 now in my 30s. Or sometimes already in bed reading. My bf in my mid-late 20s was in his early 30s and would 🧐 at my gym time. His reaction made no sense until I got a little older.

      I did a spur of the moment wine night with friends a couple months ago on a Wednesday. Only two of the five women who went drank, and it wasn’t a lot. I brought my own tea and we joked we need to do tea nights during the week instead.

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