From the Mailbag: “It’s Not Your Place to Tell People that Cousin Sex is Wrong!”

Haven’t shared a letter from the mailbag in a very long time, but this one was too good to keep to myself…

Where’s the proof that having sex with a cousin is wrong? If you’re referencing the King James Bible, well, sorry, but it’s not in the book.

If you’re referencing the way you were raised, then your judgement doesn’t count. I mean, who are you to tell someone something is wrong or right? That’s communism!!

If you’re referencing the genetic science that having sex with a cousin is wrong, people who aren’t kin have babies who are born with health issues or babies who are not born at all. If you’re referencing who has the highest rate of complications, well, you should be there for every child who is born all across the world first to know if that’s true. The government lies and so do people who track such-called ‘data.’

All you have left is if a religion calls it wrong, and in the Christian faith it’s not wrong; it’s not even spoken about.

Your moral belief system is for you – not everyone else!!! — Wayne in Cali

Great, so abortion should be legal then, yes? By your logic, someone’s moral principle related to abortion shouldn’t dictate someone else’s behavior related to it, so I’m guessing you are pro-choice, and I thank you for that, sir.

Anyway, I’m not sure which column about cousin sex you are responding to. Is it this one? Or maybe this? Or, perhaps your Google search about whether it’s wrong for you to pursue sex with your cousin landed you on this column. Whatever it was that triggered you and prompted you to write to me: I agree with your logic and give you my blessing to pursue whatever kinky shit with your cousin that you want. It’s not for me and I think it’s weird, but who am I to dictate other people’s behavior because of my own personal values and beliefs?

So, go for it, Wayne! Have fun and enjoy yourself. And thank you for being part of the pro-choice team; it looks good on you.


  1. Oh my. Perhaps this is the cousin of the LW who wrote in about her boyfriend wanting her to cut her cousin off (or something like that) because LW and her cousin had kissed before.

  2. LOL! This was exactly what I needed today!

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