From the Mailbag: “The Stupid Stuff You Wrote Pisses Me Off!”

I haven’t done a “From the Mailbag” post in a while, but I’ve got a good one today! This LW took issue with the advice I gave in this oldie but goodie column: “Our Beautiful Neighbor Lady is Getting Too Close with My Husband.” See why:

I don’t really know who wrote this article, and I’m hoping that it is not my girl Wendy Williams because if it is, I am so disappointed. First of all, no woman has any business being around another woman’s husband other than full friends and family and business associates because attractions happen when two people are in each other’s company especially on the regular. Then, especially, when the wife is not home, that makes no sense! The stupid stuff that was written in this article, it pissed me off to a T.

I’m going through trouble with my next-door neighbor, and I blame her and my husband; my husband knows better than that. But let me just say that no woman should be around a neighbor’s husband when the wife’s not home. Please. That is definitely a man who sounds like he’s ready to have or consider an affair.

Not Wendy Williams, different Wendy, so phew for you.


  1. Yes, anytime any man and any woman who are not relatives are in close proximity, that means they are absolutely going to have an affair. That’s how it works. Every person I meet is clearly a potential partner. I contribute nothing to my community other than my sexuality.

    People are only driven by one motivation. It can’t be helped, and people are unable to control themselves. That’s why everyone including the LW must remain vigilant and suspicious and exhausted at all times.

  2. Avatar photo Prognosti-gator says:

    Wait. So, no woman can be near another woman’s husband unless they’re “full friends”?

    How do you get from being “partly friends” to this state of “full friends” if you aren’t allowed to be around a person?

    Is there some objective way to know when you’ve passed “7/8ths friends” so you know you’re now pretty close to being allowed to be near each other?

  3. I think she meant a complete and entire set of family and friends standing around, guarding them. Picture the old Sicilian ladies in The Godfather.

  4. So that time I spent 4.5 hours alone with my friend’s husband was bad? I’m not sure if we’re full friend’s. I’ll ask him the next time I’m alone with him.

  5. So that time I spent 4.5 hours alone with my friend’s husband was bad? I’m not sure if we’re full friends. I’ll ask him the next time I’m alone with him.

  6. That original post is the thread that keeps on giving. Every now and then some bizarre new comment comes in and it’s like Christmas lol.

  7. Bittergaymark says:

    Boy, it’s quite a diss that anybody would ever think you are Wendy Williams. The least talented talk show host alive. Or — perhaps — ever…

  8. It is interesting that even as most people agreed with you there was a solid minority of commenters that were really suspicious of the neighbor lady.

    1. Bittergaymark says:

      So interesting. So bizarre…

  9. I always thought that this website was run by Wendy from Peter Pan.

  10. Needed a laugh today. (Also, at first I thought this was about the pantsless neighbor post!)

  11. Projecting, Part of One!

  12. Just bloody weird. Does the woman spend her entire time thinking with her bits? Most people really don’t.

  13. Avatar photo Guy Friday says:

    You know what? I’m going to take this LW’s side on this one. She’s right; women should not be leaving the house. They have RESPONSIBILITIES, people. Women exist to make their husbands comfortable and to be incubators for babies. That is what the good Lord intended. To suggest otherwise is to usurp His will, and as He is a He, His will cannot be usurped. I don’t make the rules, folks; this is what it is.

    Then again, the LW said that she is having trouble with her next-door neighbor, and she should know better. But if no woman should be around a neighbor’s husband when his wife isn’t around, how is the next-door neighbor having the opportunity to be around her husband when his wife isn’t around? That sounds like the LW left the house, which sounds just a little too independent for my liking. What does she have to do outside the house anyway? I think she’s shirking her wifely responsibilities. LW, can you explain how you’re leaving your husband unattended? Where exactly are you disappearing to? Surely you know your place in the household, so what do you need to leave the house for? What’s the reasoning here?

  14. Guy Friday hahahahahahaha yip.

  15. full Handmaid’s tale.

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