Google Search Terms, Vol. XIII: “Why am I always the other woman?”

We could all use a little levity right now, so I am resurrecting an old feature from back in the day called Google Search Terms. Below are some of the different questions and phrases people type into their Google browser to end up at my site. Check out what’s been on the minds of inquiring people recently.

1. Why am I always the other woman?
Because you keep pursuing men who are in relationships. Your self-esteem depends on “winning” men away from the women they are already involved with, and convincing yourself your love is so super special that the hurt anyone else might feel was worth this fated love story for the ages. It almost never works out.

2. Breath smells like olives.
Just another reason to hate olives.

3. Cutting off toxic in-laws.
Has never been easier than during a pandemic. Silver linings.

4. Third date dinner at his place.
Oooooh, gurl, it’s about to get serious. Men do not host third dates at their place unless they are ready to make it exclusive. Or just hoping to get lucky. Either way – fun times!

5. I want a hotter girlfriend.
I think there’s likely a STRONG correlation between men who want hotter girlfriends and men who have bad breath and spend a lot of time on Reddit.

6. Having a baby with a Scorpio man.
Also a strong correlation between women who consider what it means to get impregnated by a Scorpio man and women who make Tik Tok videos featuring their baby bumps painted to look like various fruit.

7. I dumped him and he moved on.
Good for you!

8. How to get a girl to break up with you.
Olive breath.

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  1. hilarious responses! btw I found this site years ago googling “long time boyfriend won’t marry me” (was googling for a friend who is frustrated by this)

  2. “Olive breath” made my day!

  3. olive breath would attract me though. Especially if it had hint of Kalamata that would imply one had a ready supply of the good stuff.

    1. allathian says:

      Breath can smell worse than olives. Like rotting teeth… Yuck!

  4. Another Jen says:

    Delightful, Wendy! Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!

    3rd date at his house = sexy time
    Olive breath = brush your teeth, you disgusting monster
    Painting baby bumps to look like fruit=WTF? People do that?

  5. I found your blog years ago thanks to an ex-boyfriend, who made really weird jokes. I wanted to know if I was overreacting or not, so I typed “bf making weird jokes” in Google and ended up here! One of the best gifts from that ex 😀

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