Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the occasion. I wish you good health, tasty food, enough to feel thankful for and the hope that if you are hurting this year, the pain is temporary and better days arrive soon. As always, I remain thankful for this community – one that has been around almost ten years (in January)! — especially now, this year, when our virtual spaces and virtual communities have kept us connected to others when being connected in person hasn’t been as safe. Thank you all so much, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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  • Kate November 28, 2020, 3:00 pm

    So, after watching 900 YouTube videos, I went full Dyson Airwrap. Haven’t been spending much money for 8 months, and not getting blowouts. Also, you can return it if you hate it.

    But whoa! So, I don’t use curling irons anymore because the heat has been really bad on my hair in the past. This, as you may know, uses magical airflow technology instead of just hot metal, so it’s supposed to not damage your hair.

    I used it on damp hair, and used the smaller barrel. That worked fine until I got to the top layers, but then it looked wonky. Long story short, I should have used the larger barrel on the top sections, and smoothed the roots out first with the brush attachment. I finally got to that after trying some different things and spraying down the top sections a couple times with water. I had to really really pull out the tighter curls with my hands, and now it looks great. It has a solid foundation of curl underneath that’s not going to fall out, and the top is smooth and really nice in the face-framing pieces. Next time I’ll go directly for that instead of fucking around.

    The amazing thing is, normally if I kept messing with my hair like that, it would get limp and frizzy and unsalvageable, but that didn’t happen. I was able to keep messing with it and get it the way I wanted. It’s definitely magic technology. Right now it looks like a drybar blowout where they put curls in it. And the volume! Shit.

    If anyone was on the fence about it like I was, give it a try. It’s wild.

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    • Kate November 29, 2020, 12:30 pm

      Ok wow. Because there’s nothing else to do, I did my hair again today, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I am as happy with it, maybe more, as when my blowout artist, Krystle, does my hair. I have thin, frizzy hair, and this is like incredibly volumized and smooth and shiny with a lot of wave. I took a walk and it’s been a couple hours and the curls haven’t fallen. I now unequivocally recommend this, at least if you have thin frizzy hair with natural curl. I’m going to lend it to my friend who has pin-straight hair to see what happens.

      The Revlon or John Frieda can do a good straight blowout, don’t get me wrong, but this thing does lots of different styles without heat damage. It is as hyped.

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