Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

In Lieu of the DW Holiday Book Drive

For the past eight years, I’ve hosted a Dear Wendy Holiday Book Drive in which this community has gifted thousands of books to students all over the country from lower income households with parents who might otherwise not be able to provide many – or sometimes any – gifts for their children during the holidays. It’s something I’ve been really proud of and enjoy doing, but this year for a variety of reasons I’m taking a break. Don’t worry – I plan to be back to it next year (and in the meantime, I am finding ways to give back and, especially, to support young people, including at my own children’s school where a large percentage of the population qualifies for free lunch). Anyway, Alison Hurney, one of the teachers who has participated in past DW book drives, created a Donor’s Choose project in an effort to continue the tradition of gifting her students books for the holidays and asked if I would be willing to share the link. “Of course!” I said. Bonus: if you use the code “liftoff” in the next five days your donation will be doubled up to $50!!

Ms. Hurney writes:

“As we are entering the holiday season, it is a time of the unknown for my students. While most children excitedly wait for presents, my students often become anxious because they are not sure what Christmas morning will bring. My students have each selected a book that they would like in our class library. Little do they know that if all books are purchased, they will be bringing their selection home to keep.

When my students select a book for themselves, it is one small way they can empower and advocate for themselves.
Sending my students off to Christmas break with a new book is one way we can brighten their holiday.

This opportunity to own a personally chosen piece of literature fosters a love of reading and reminds them what they do have control over, no matter how minor it may seem. In an environment where the unknown is looming, possessing a book can make all the difference.”

I know so many of you look forward to the DW book drive and I hope that this particular Donor’s Choose project will fill the void and perhaps even inspire you to search for similar projects to help fund this holiday season. Again: here is Ms. Hurney’s Donor’s Choose link to buy books for each of her students as a holiday gift, and remember: if you use the code “liftoff” in the next five days your donation will be doubled up to $50. Thank you for your generosity!

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  • csp November 18, 2019, 3:46 pm

    Just gave! I am sorry it isn’t through you but still makes me feel good.

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