Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Monday Open Thread

I know I usually post links and the open thread on Fridays or over the weekend, but what is time anymore, amiright? It’s been over one year since I’ve seen my sister, over nine months since I’ve seen my parents, and ten months since I’ve seen most of my closest friends. It’s also been over eight months since my children have been in school and will likely be over nine more months before they’re back. So, fuck time right now. Here are a few links you might find interesting:

In a word: yes! “Should women be entitled to period leave? These countries think so.”

What Happened to Those Couples Who Quarantined Together?

How to Have an Open Relationship

Most gift guides are kind of lame, but I thought this one was pretty good: 57 Presents That Actually Won’t Get Re-Gifted

What a national treasure she is! Dolly Parton is also surprised she helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

Don’t Travel For Thanksgiving, CDC Warns (and if you’re going to do it anyway, consider maybe not posting pics on social media)

Related: How to Tell Your Family You’re Not Coming Home for the Holidays

I needed to hear this: You have permission to not be thankful this Thanksgiving

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  • Kate November 23, 2020, 9:59 am

    Ha, that gift guide has the John Frieda hot brush, which I love. It came out before the Revlon one and doesn’t get as much attention, but I like it better. It’s not as lightning fast, but it’s also less of a hot blast furnace, and gives me more body and better curled ends and a longer-lasting style. And even better frizz elimination. My pro tip is to throw a Velcro roller in your very front section as well as your crown section as soon as you’re done drying those, and leave the rollers in for 10-15 minutes. It will never be the pro blowout that my very gifted blow-dry stylist can achieve, but I’m very happy with it. And used once a week, it does not seem to be damaging my hair.

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