Drinking With Dear Wendy: A Nasty Woman Cocktail

Don’t let the elephant sweater fool you — I am not voting Republican in this election (or any election). I’ll be voting for the nasty woman and I’ve created a cocktail to help ease the stress and anxiety in these final hours of this nasty election season. I call it a Nasty Woman and it’s delicious. Careful though — it’s strong and goes down smooth and kind of sneaks up on you. Fingers crossed we’ll be drinking it in celebration come late Tuesday night and not drowning our sorrows. (If the latter is the case, feel free to skip the cocktail and just chug the bottle of bourbon instead.)

A Nasty Woman

3 ounces chocolate cherry Baileys
2 ounces vodka
2 ounces bourbon
Shake in ice-filled shaker.
Pour in martini glass.
(I recommend voting first).


  1. Mmmm. That looks soo good.

  2. SpaceySteph says:

    Ugh, this election is the worst time to be pregnant. I SOOO need a drink!

  3. I don’t like Bourbon but will make an exception to try this!

    1. Avatar photo Dear Wendy says:

      I’m not a big bourbon fan, too, but it offsets the sweet of the baileys perfectly and gives the drink some depth. Try it!

  4. I’m completely intrigued by this cocktail. I’ll have to try it!

    The guy and I will be sitting on his living room floor with a bottle of wine to watch the results come in. I think we’re going to open a bottle from our recent Napa trip… and then maybe move on to something a little cheaper.

    At first, I thought he drank straight from the bottle for this little election night ritual of his. He informed me yesterday that wasn’t the case. Although I kind of think we should.

    1. P.S. Your martini shake is awesome.

  5. RedRoverRedRover says:

    Hello kitty cat!!

  6. I have never seen chocolate cherry baileys and feel so cheated.

  7. Overrrrrr it says:

    I had something really upsetting today and just need to vent. I woke up to a text from a distant male family member which consisted of an image of a woman sexually assaulting a man, and a diatribe of why I’m a hypocrite. This originally upset me because I make a point of NOT even liking a comment or post on Facebook, much less engaging in political conversations. And I don’t think my political or religious affiliation is very obvious. When I expressed how inappropriate ANY sexual assault was, how inappropriate it was for him to send it to me (a 30 something female), and that I did not want to engage in political conversation, he blew up on me. I did not engage
    And then I thought about it more. I’m about as privileged as I can get, without being a man. I’m a upper middle class, white, early 30 something female, who was raised Catholic, but is agnostic, and has a masters degree. If this person feels it okay to attack me for his perceptions of me, if he thinks its okay to insult me and spew hate, and sexually harass me, when I CAN defend myself and stand up for myself, what does this mean for those who look, sound, or believe different than me? The millions who are empowered to spew the hate inside them now, because some of the country decided vote this man into the Republican nomination?
    I was afraid before today. I was nervous for what this election meant for our country. And now I’m terrified.

    1. Overrrrrr it says:

      I felt I should add: This was the first time I had personally experienced the hate. I am aware that it exists, I’ve heard it before, I’ve stepped and and stood up for those it was directed at.
      This was just shocking to me, I guess, because of what it means. It means that people are not afraid to spew hate. People are not afraid to say mean, horrible things because it’s normalized now. There were always some who thought it was okay, but that small, small group has exploded now. And that’s the scary part.

    2. That’s so vile. I’m really sorry you had to wake up to that. I keep trying to console myself with the idea that these are the tantrum ravings of a group who knows they’re slipping into irrelevance and social unacceptableness, and hasn’t accepted it yet. (Though if Trump wins today I’ll have to rethink that optimism)

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