Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

New Show Recommendation: “Up to Speed”

A few years ago, right around the time of our wedding, Drew and I watched a fabulous documentary called “The Cruise” (trailer here). It followed an eccentric NYC tour guide named Speed Levitch, a performer, historian, humorist, poet and philosopher all rolled up into one. The film was shot back in ’97 or ’98, so the scenes with the Twin Towers are especially poignant. We’ve watched the film probably five or six times since then and have become big Speed Levitch fans.

He no longer lives in New York – he has since moved back home to Missouri — but he still comes to the city a few times a year to do walking tours of famous New York neighborhoods. In July, Drew, Jackson and I went on one of his tours of Greenwich Village. It was one of the highlights of our summer — Speed didn’t disappoint (he was weird, funny, and full of knowledge) and we learned a lot that we didn’t know about New York.

Anyway, Speed has a brand new show on Hulu Plus called “Up to Speed,” directed by one of my favorite filmmakers, Richard Linklater (“Dazed and Confused,” “Before Sunrise,” “School of Rock”) that any of you who are interested in documentaries, history, travel, Americana, and the absurd should definitely check out. In the series, Speed visits popular American cities and takes viewers to “monumentally ignored monuments” within them, giving his trademark offbeat history lessons and waxing philosophic about the state of civilization. If it sounds weird, it’s because it is! It’s wonderfully, wonderfully weird and I highly recommend it. It’s unlike anything else on television, which is great since most of what’s on television these days sucks donkey balls.

Read more about “Up to Speed” here and here.

“Up to Speed” airs Thursday nights on Hulu Plus, which you can get here.




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  • CatsMeow August 30, 2012, 2:50 pm

    Sounds interesting. I just canceled my cable, so I will be relying on Netflix and Hulu for my TV-watching needs. I will definitely check this out!

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  • Addie Pray August 30, 2012, 3:23 pm

    Aw, I loved Before Sunrise, such a sweet movie. Did you see Before Sunset (something like that)? Same actors, shot the same – like in real time so it feels – 15 or so years later. I’ll definitely check this new show out now that I am, like Cats, relying on Netflix and Hulu for my entertainment. Hey I saw a documentary you might like, Wendy. It just opened in Chicago so it’s probably been out in New York for weeks: The Impostor. So suspenseful, so sensational, with a few wacky characters – the recipe for a great documentary, of course.

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    • Wendy August 30, 2012, 5:56 pm

      Cool, I’ll check it out.

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