Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

New TV Show Looking For Women Who Suspect Their Partners of Cheating Online


Last week, I posted about a new show aimed at helping couples resolve cheating issues within their relationship. Today, I’d like to share a few words from the producers:

Our new show is focused on helping couples heal their relationships. This is not a sleazy talk show; this is going to be a one-hour special on a major cable network. The host of the show, Dr. Ramani, will be traveling to each couple to discuss how their interactions online may be causing a rift in the relationship. Those who apply should be serious about reconnecting with their partner and working through their issues.

A new survey came out saying 80 percent of women think their boyfriend or husband is cheating on them ONLINE through social media. This is a huge problem that we feel is becoming more and more prevalent in relationships, yet few people are publicly discussing it.

Dr. Ramani has a passion for others and truly wants to help these couples. The goal of the show is to bring this issue to light and help not only the couples involved but also couples who will be tuning in to the program. Dr. Ramani is a licensed clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology. She has a passion for helping others to live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Again, this is NOT some sleazy reality show. It’s a one-hour special where this issue will be discussed in the hopes of genuinely helping others.

If you feel this could apply to you, or you just have questions about the show, we’d love to speak with you. Please email [email protected]

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