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Dear Wendy

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This morning’s column got me wondering about when people say “I love you” in relationships, and especially when they say it versus when they feel it. If I remember right, Drew and I said “I love you” after about eight months together, which seems like a long time to me, but we were long-distance and… Read more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80hEjYqYTDE I love this! This is the first installment in a new video series from “This American Life” called Videos 4 U. In the series filmmaker Bianca Giaever “finds people who have something they need to say to somebody and she makes a video to help them say it.” In this series premier, a woman… Read more

The other day, a friend of mine texted me and asked if I was still awake. It was 9:45, a time I’m usually getting ready for bed, but that evening I was out having drinks with my friend, Mary. “That’s ok,” he texted back. “I just had a relationship question for you, but I can… Read more