Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

PSA: Stay Safe

This is a PSA, specifically for all of you in NYC, but it’s relevant for everyone, especially those not yet fully vaccinated against Covid. I’m using this platform today to issue a warning that I wish our leaders were issuing loudly and clearly: If you live in NYC and are not yet vaccinated, these next few weeks will be the most dangerous of the pandemic so far. The seven-day average for Covid cases has increased nearly 200% in ONE WEEK. That’s not a typo – nearly 200%. We have the benefit of seeing how this wave of new variants has gone in places ahead of us in the trajectory (like many countries in Europe, and even now Michigan, and places in Canada). These new variants hit differently than OG Covid, and we’re seeing a significant increase in infections and hospitalizations among people under 50. (This includes children, and in fact the 10-19 age group has the highest infectious rate in most places already experiencing this new surge.) Today New York state finally expanded vaccine eligibility to anyone 30+. I recommend downloading twitter, following Turbovax, setting up alerts for new tweets from Turbovax, and having a laptop open to New York state’s vaccine page and NYC’s vaccine appointment page. When appointments open, they’ll likely go within seconds. It will feel frustrating. Hang in there. Maybe Biden will get a clue and send NYC loads of extra vaccine supply, which is needed more here than anywhere else at the moment.

The good – great! — news is that in one to two months we’re going to be on the other side of this and will be looking forward to what will likely be a fantastic summer, all things considered: open streets and picnics and reunions with family and friends. Hang on just a little bit longer. And get vaccinated when you can!!

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  • Angie March 30, 2021, 5:01 pm

    Here in SoCal it will soon be open to 50+ starting on 4/1/21 and 16+ starting on 4/15/21. Thankfully CVS and Rite Aid stores are making appointment scheduling super easy. Through my work I was able to get my first dose a few weeks ago. I scheduled it through CVS as it was much easier than going through my work (government entity). YAY!

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  • Taylor April 4, 2021, 7:01 pm

    Thanks for posting this Wendy. It feels like we are *so close*, but people are being dumbasses about safety. It shouldn’t surprise me anymore.

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  • floats_in_the_ocean April 8, 2021, 11:11 am

    For those outside of NYC here’s a website you may find helpful in acquiring a vaccine.

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