Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Quote of the Day: Being in a Lonely Relationship is Lonelier Than Being Alone

Since I moved, the only time I feel truly lonely is when I face yet another letter from my divorce lawyer and I am reminded that I can be lonelier in a bad relationship than I ever could be on my own. — Writer, Sally Brampton

In an essay in today’s Daily Mail, freelance writer Sally Brampton shares her feelings about ending her marriage and moving out on her own. Her message is an important reminder for those who are both unhappily single and unhappily coupled that there’s nothing lonelier than being in a lonely relationship. She adds: “I believe that loneliness is not a state of being, but a state of feeling.” So, for all of you feeling lonely today, remember: this too shall pass. [via Daily Mail]

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    Jess of February 18, 2011, 12:26 pm

    Great reminder Wendy. This is also why I think that singlehood should be regarded as a state of independence, courage, and strong self-awareness –rather than the label of pathetic, unhappy, or immature that we still sometimes hang onto.

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