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February 3, 2023 at 9:24 am #1118548

@TheLadyE Happy belated 40th! I’m glad you posted — I wonder about how you are doing sometimes! So how are ya!?

So the wedding I was just at, the bride is slightly younger than I am (33) and the group of gal pals I know her through ranges from 26 to 38, most of us ranging from 33-36. Anyway, at the pool one morning, us 30-somethings were talking about changes we’ve noticed as we’ve gotten older (for me, it’s stuff like running hot at night and my eyelashes on my right eye break off) and laughing about how we all packed hangover remedies because none of us can hang like we used to. The look on the 20-somethings’ faces was priceless. This thread is like the digital version of that for me, but I like knowing what I might expect next! I have friends who skew a little older, too, but they’re all just approaching 40.

Will also add, watching the 20-somethings take pictures of one another was hysterical to me. The way they all know their Insta-worthy poses and angles.

Also, I’d honestly freak out if I went up several dress sizes in a short period of time.