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February 6, 2023 at 1:48 pm #1118611

Happy belated birthday TheLadyE! Also congrats on the promotion. I am glad that worked out. I hope you continue to recover.

I also appreciate knowing about perimenopause. I’m not sure if my lack of knowledge was because I never looked out for info on it but thank you Gen X for talking about it more. I don’t think I’ve ever asked my mom about how her menopause went. I am glad my mom was open about her miscarriages (two, afaik).

I am happy with how my husband and I have been splitting household expenses. It helps that we make the same income. What we are going through now is planning for the future/retirement together. He has a pension though work. I don’t. We both used to do our own thing at varying degrees. But now it is talking about joint savings and investments.

If you’re comfortable sharing, how do you do it in your household?