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February 6, 2023 at 3:24 pm #1118619

I know, it’s so hard to imagine my boyfriend being anything other than happy if I out-earned him. I currently don’t, but might one day. I’m not even EVP successful. I’m “has a decent job” successful. I mostly got surprised comments about being able to afford a one-bedroom by myself when I lived in Lincoln Park or I’d notice they’d start to overcompensate or puff when I mentioned a higher degree. One guy from my 20s decided to bring up his SAT scores — he told me he couldn’t even tell me what the score was, they were THAT high and he didn’t want to brag. He was in his 30s. Like a decade into his career. LOL! I believe I heard this on a podcast, but can’t quite remember, where some women experimented with how many men messaged them on dating sites if they changed their job titles from something high-powered/prestigious-sounding to something more ordinary. The more ordinary, the more messages and matches.

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