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February 6, 2023 at 5:48 pm #1118622

I was happy to let most of the insecure men weed themselves out. I think plenty of men think they want an ambitious woman until they actually are out with one and then feel like less of a man or whatever it is? IDK, I never understood. I once had a guy from one of the apps find me on FB and message me on there asking me to give him a chance — he acknowledge we hadn’t matched but felt if we just got to know each other I’d see he was oh-so-great — so I get it, safety is no joke.

And yeah, everyone does what works for them as a couple. We don’t quite share home expenses 50/50 because he out-earns me by a little bit. The split feels fair. I work fewer hours so do a bit more of the housework (specifically the cooking). I’m sure we’d revisit if anything significant changed.