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February 7, 2023 at 11:00 am #1118634

Was there somebody here who had someone reach out to them on LinkedIn? Ick.

Honestly because we are making the same amount, if his salary increased significantly, I’d at first feel a tad jealous only out of my own insecurity of where I am at in my career. But, no, I am glad we all here have supportive partners.

Last night I broke a glass and he got out the vacuum. We do laundry together. I dust more but mostly because visible dust bugs me haha.

I feel lucky as he works from home now. so he will tend to have dinner ready when I get home. It’s mostly reheating leftovers or pasta but it’s nice. I did make a ten minute dinner I was v proud of lol: pan fried sole fillet with capers (but sub any white fish) and broccoli in air fryer.

I think how we organize finances might change if we have children as it all would r a joint expense.

Also the teddy bear thing is really ick. But also if a man were in suit in online dating he’d probably get more matches.