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February 7, 2023 at 2:10 pm #1118637

I have out-earned every one of my exes by at least double, often more. It’s actually been a problem the other way because, for example, my last ex (and longest relationship), he made something like $20k/year or less (no idea how he made that work) and I made 4x that. I’ve been single for several years now between getting over my last ex and my health issues, and managed to get to a fairly good single-person salary (I had a number I wanted to hit by 40 which I hit at 38, and now I have a number I want to hit by 42 so here’s hoping)…but still not one where I could afford a single family home with a yard in this area on my own. I get nervous about the future sometimes finance wise, but I mean, a man is not a financial plan.

Also, my parents are getting a divorce at 70 years old and now have to divide up almost 50 years worth of assets, investments, property, inheritances, etc. It looks horrible. I’m convinced that if/when I do find a partner, I will not co-mingle my finances with him in any way to protect myself. Look at me, 40 and jaded. Heh.