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February 7, 2023 at 4:07 pm #1118638

My parents divorced in their late 60s and omg the mess. Per the divorce agreement, they were supposed to sell the house they owned together no later than 2020 and until then, my mom was the one who would live there. My dad got a townhouse nearby. Well, 2020 came and went without the house being put on the market. And then at some point last year or two, my dad decided he shouldn’t have to pay for his share of the marital home + his townhouse, so he moved himself back in against my mom’s wishes (or so she says, IMO she didn’t really do much of anything to prevent him from moving back in). I’ve stopped visiting because I can’t being in the house with them together. Their marriage has been a wild ride to witness and they’ve left me pretty terrified of legally tethering myself to anyone.