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February 7, 2023 at 6:09 pm #1118640

No, they don’t share a room. It’s a *very* long story, but the TL/DR is that my dad is a semi-closeted gay man who married a woman. Because Catholicism. Any romantic relationship has effectively been over for a couple of decades. I’ve never fully understood why their marriage didn’t end then, though I know my mom felt trapped for a variety of reasons. Their relationship has been anywhere from fine to really bad over the years. Right now it seems outwardly fine, but I doubt it is actually fine (my mom is deeply resentful and, among other things, thinks my dad steals from her) and I think the arrangement is so stupid. (My dad bought a condo in my city last year and now makes the six-hour drive to spend every weekend here, then heads back. He is retired and literally has a second place he could be full-time but for some reason that’s not his plan.) I live a few states away now but as of a few years ago, refuse to visit/stay in the house if both parents will be there.