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February 8, 2023 at 10:30 pm #1118654

If he wanted to be sure you could go on dates,pursue a possible relationship,he would not have left things to chance. People say to each other all the time “lets hang out,we should hang out,go to a movie etc.” and they never make a firm plan because they are not too invested in making it happen.
If you both wanted something more ,you would have looked at a calendar together and made a plan. Or maybe it just comes down to schedules that are not conducive to dating each other.
I don’t think you are being honest with yourself. I think you do want to be with him/date him. But you also know that he is likely not too interested.
And most importantly, he know he is a bad match,untrustworthy guy with issues. I think you hope he would change,maybe with dating you. But you know it is not going to happen. This is more about you than him-you don’t want to be the “one night stand ” girl,for example. But that iswhat it was,likely something you feel wasamistake given the non-outcome. So don’t repeat the mistake. Tis guy is bad news and has nothing worthwhile to give you. Don’t try to “see” what could be,don’t attempt to be friends…just let him go. Also figure out your boundaries and deal breakers ( like alcoholics) and stick with higher standards.