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February 9, 2023 at 8:39 am #1118663

Absolutely do not go into any details, do not leave gifts (!) or notes or any of that. This is a place of business and these are co-workers not friends; just behave professionally. Give your notice, discuss dates and whatever exit steps you need to take and then leave. Don’t burn any bridges, do not put anything negative in writing that might be used against you at some point. If there’s some kind of exit interview, like Kate, mentioned, you could allude to the office culture not being a fit for you. But be vague, not specific. And I agree with Kate about figuring out a more professional way to behave in a professional setting. Not looking at your phone is just one thing. When you work with lots of people in person, you have to manage lots of personalities. This is easier for some people than others. If you’re someone who struggles a bit with managing other personalities, there are lots of resources – like therapy, which is great that you’re pursuing! – that can help.